My Starting point -
A good place to start - You will need to get some decent pencils and paper before starting drawing! I have always found the WHSmiths 6 Sketching Pencils have always given me a great result and they work well with the paper from The Works.  
The artwork starts from a drawing and you should have confidence in what you want to draw and how you draw. No one can tell you the right or wrong way to start your drawing. Some people will find that the last time they picked up a pencil was when they were at school. And that was the time you would just pick up any pencil and start to draw without thinking about what you were drawing. One thing I can tell you and that’s you can start to draw and teach yourself anytime because you can improve on your drawing skill and take a lot from it. So it doesn’t matter if you never have picked up a pencil or you have done a lot of drawing in the past - You can improve on your drawings regards of your drawing skill. For me - I find drawing so relaxing and like to be in a peaceful room. I lot of people will always say that when they start to draw, they always find it daunting and that shouldn’t be the case. So you can overcome your worries by trying to find your own style (Not forgetting a decent pencil/paper) and teaching yourself.
When you are drawing you need to be focused on what you want to achieve from your drawing and by doing this, you will find the confidence you need to progress with the more drawing you can do. 
When choosing something to draw, choose something that is not too much for your current drawing skill, look for something simple like a coffee cup or a fruit bowl. Choosing something to draw, I like to draw for a photo or on the screen.
Remember, Where to start! All you need is a decent pencil and decent paper and something simple to draw. Drawing something around you is always the best place to start and will always be a useful starting point and hopefully, this will give you an interest in drawing.
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